Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Personal mission statement

I was watching a politicial "debate" yesterday, and the candidates were asked what was their personal mission statement? One candidate said it was service to others and to the community. The other candidate said to be the best at whatever he was doing - best dad, best grandpa.

I think "dedicated to fostering my creative life and to fostering the creative life of others. We are more that we think we are" about covers it for me. This is my service, my mission!

Tomorrow we leave to see my son graduate from military training at Fort Knox!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Theater dreams

What we did last weekend:

Measured west windows for storms
Trimmed shrubs (at 2 houses)
Cleaned gutters (at 2 houses)
Bought insulation
Made up guest room for visitors

I have theater dreams: dreams in which I am expansive, expressive, and emotive, the three e's. I want to believe everything will be "all right," whatever that means.

I look down the sunny street and see my father among the gold sun-lit leaves. He passed away 8 years ago.