Thursday, November 5, 2009

Relive the day

I want to relive last Thursday, the day of my son's graduation. It was one of those milestones that has a radiance, an aura, that transcends the ordinary.

He is full of stories.

He stands with one hand behind his back, eats with one hand on his lap.

He is meticulous about wearing his cover, inside and out.

I've made a pan of brownies, and after we're in the car, his fingers wind under the foil, until by the end of the day, the brownies are gone.

I know what a field plate is: it's what they get in the field: if luck, 3 oz of ham, a spoon of potatoes. he's hungry: he's tried Brussels sprouts. Well, okay, 2 Brussels sprouts.

He wants Steak and Shake, followed by mint oreo shake. And Burger King. He says they are set to deploy in 2011.

We visit the Patton Museum, and I buy a "My Son is in the Army" decal.

Poignant, that's what it is.

This is too short - too short, but sweet, for my daily writing habit.