Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tripping the bannister lights fantastic

Last night I wound 3 garlands of lights around the railing going upstairs, and on the mini-balcony. This will work well for our mini Romeo and Juliet series, in which I swoon and ask where Romeo is.

Romeo is at the bottom of the steps, as is Mr. Darcy, his first foot on the stairs, holding up his hand. I swoop down, something of a cross between a bat in jeans and a slightly over age Juliet. Just slightly.

The lights, blue/green, red, and yellow are merry and it's our first time for them. We leave them on all night.

I think about how lovely it would have been to raise children in this house, to provide them this holiday fantasy of warmth and comfort. But yesterday is gone. We enjoy them now.

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