Friday, April 10, 2009

Daily Writing Habit Miscellany

Persona. I wonder if I'm developing a different persona on this blog than from my other blog - a more lighthearted one. One who is perhaps more light-hearted and quicker on her feet. Maybe this persona will be useful in my novel. Lately I've been mulling over the persona of "intellectual," a role I may play at but not really want.

Switching zones. Practice, practice, practice. Need less time to go from work a day world to creative world. From spread sheets and access and what nots to the magic carpet. SWZ - is that like the DMZ? I need a space in between - do I need barbed wire?

Grammar stuff. Not too good in the grammar department. When writing quickly, posting, and then reading, I see all kinds of goofiness - verb tense, awkward structures, a shorthand that works for me, and probably no one else. Need to write and talk more. Remember: perfection is the enemy of good. Before, I may have been a good writer, but cautious. I was not a great writer. Can I be?

Won't be posting over the weekend, but will keep up habit (must, must) and arrive Monday renewed.

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