Thursday, April 9, 2009

On the trail of Julie & Julia; or, Beth and Jane

Yesterday I travel to our county library to look for Julie & Julia. I read a few on-line reviews, and they aren’t too pleasing. However, I want to follow the trail of my energy (In Which I Follow My Attempts to Write a Novel through Daily Writing Habit; or, Hold My Feet to the Fire), so I flip through the pages.

When I see the description of her flipping through a few parcels of meat, I decide to take it out and at least try to skim it.

We are traveling to Florida in a few days and I want some books to renew my pleasure in reading. I haven’t been reading much except for newspaper columns. My attention span has a few leaks. A thumb in the dike isn’t enough to control the seepage of my little gray cells.

In addition to Julie & Julia, I take out Legends of the Fall (Jim Harrison), The Seal Wife (Kathryn Harrison), The Writing Life (Annie Dillard), and Something something (Dick Francis). Fiction and non-fiction, mystery, popular, literature. Dabble drabble toil and trouble, choices in the cauldron to renew my lust for literature.

When walking in between the shelves of books, or looking at them from afar, I feel energized and enchanted. So many ideas, mysteries, magic, stories to unfold! Knowledge! I’m a child finding an Easter basket.

My new husband, whom I shall call Hemingway (a story for another day), once visited the library with me when we were dating, when I lived in town and it was a close entertaining walk for us.

What I notice is that you are very comfortable there, he said.

So yesterday I take out books and get a new library card – married, changed my name, changed my address – but I still get to go wherever I want, whenever I want, when I am on the flying carpet of a good book.

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