Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The left arm does the work

What if writing is like my golf "lesson": I make it too hard, I try too hard, just need to realize that one thing: the left arm does the work, leads. It's not an act of praying over the club, both hands clasped together at the waist, swinging with both arms, eyes closed, please hit the ball, make it fly above the ground and not be a pantie waist effort, help me be not klutzy this once.

I want my writing to be about more than a domestic comedy. I recall that my favorite books have a backdrop of cultural/societal change: How Green Was My Valley, Dr. Zhivago. I want it to be a book I'd wanna read, a page turner, a truth.

Stumbled over these two writers with a different process:

From Writer's Almanac: David McCullough would find something he wanted to learn more about, go out and see what was written about it, and if there wasn't much or it wasn't good, he would write it himself....To research Truman and Adams, he not only read their letters and visited their homes, but he imitated their daily rituals, read the same books they read, and reenacted pivotal events in their lives.

Robert Heinlein took up writing because he needed money and it was safer than stealing and easier than working.

But maybe mostly they learned to golf with the left arm doing the work.

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