Monday, July 13, 2009

Miss DWH wants a good story

Miss Daily Writing Habit begins reading Kathryn Harrison's The Seal Wife and immediately picks up subterranean currents in her head. For instance, she seems fascinated by neighbors.

What the book jacket says about the writer gives her energy: she has written novels, essays for The New Yorker and Harpers.

Again the recurring question: what if Miss Daily Writing Habit devoted genuine time and energy to writing?

Call this: one writer's journey into writing, into her craft. Delving where no writer has gone before.

Burbs and blurbs, or maxims and taxims

Harold Bloom: we shouldn't read to understand history or politics or culture, but to understand the human condition.

We all get frustrated department: Nelle Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird) spent eight years working on a novel, and when she couldn't get it "to come together" she threw it out her apartment window. All the pages landed in snow. (Her editor told her to get outside and pick up the pages, she did, the rest is, as they say, herstory.)

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