Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How goes it, how goes it not

Saturday Miss DWH feeds chickens for the first time. The neighbors have asked her to put her weeds, sticks, and shrub cuttings through a hole in the fence she can't see. She's afraid of burying the chickens with her thorny greenery and cajoles Mr. DWH into helping her.

Later in the dark, Mr and Miss DWH watch fireworks at the state park.

Mr. DWH sends a note: This morning, I checked the status of our garden. I believe we are seeing spouts of corn peeking out of the soil.

As for the book, how goes it, how goes it not; how goes it, how goes it not.

Miss DWH has a fascination with letters, where writers divulge their deepest, most confidential selves. Once upon a time, in a land far far away, she spent Sunday afternoons moodling and writing these letters, herself. Strange things came from her, unexpected, surprising.

  1. Collect these letters
  2. Collect my first line - where did Miss DWH hide it? "I am throwing things away..."
  3. Collect my epigram - Rilke
  4. Collect old stories and entries, useful as bits and pieces in Lost Letters of Jane Austen
  5. Junk the useless journal entries, built when tired and guaranteed to crash when weight is put upon them
  6. Write about throwing things away
  7. Write write write

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