Monday, June 1, 2009

Developing the character of the narrator

Miss DWH misses the comfort that comes from being some place -- home -- a long time. The pattern of the carpet in the sunlight, the vague smell of the dog long gone, the sense of "coming home." Where are her letters? She is working hard to re-establish herself in her new home, unpack books, and make sense out of her notes.

And what progress has Miss DWH made on the book this week?

She finishes Julie and Julia, and has the desire to look up Julia Child's book. But bone a duck and bake in pastry? She thinks not!

The persona of Miss DWH knows what she should expose for public consumption, and what she shouldn't. She has a confidence, a gladheartedness, and lightness of foot and thought her creator does not sometimes feel. She is not susceptible to criticism.


What if I'm creating the narrator for a book and describing the process, and not aware of it as of yet?

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