Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your strength is your truth

The events are thus over the Memorial Day weekend: the walleye festival, baton twirlers, Johnson's Island, Marblehead Lighthouse. Graduation party. Company over for ribs. Joy in seeing Miss DWH's son carry his daughter - her granddaughter - on his shoulders, trotting back and forth on a small ridge beyond the pond. He looks a little like a happy Sasquatch. This is the same son who told Miss DWH her strength is her truth. Two girls talking.

Such is Miss DWH's writing habit: a mcquickie over lunch.

Sometimes it seems to Miss DWH that if she answers a question quickly, which she can and does but with less frequency as time passes, the answers generally don't mean anything to her.

She asks: Is she imparting wisdom? Her truth?

She notices when she talks about events, various happenings, this allows her to relieve pressure so she can sift down to the gold nugget thoughts.


Writing is floating in her little rowboat.

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