Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My space

The green and white striped bath (see entry below): everyday Miss DWH goes there to put on her makeup. She likes contemplating the everyday actions and habits that she don't especially think about. What do they mean?

The trek started because the mirror in the master bath was so far away she couldn't see herself without her glasses. Besides, the master bath has blue wall paper with an abstract black, yellow and red design that looks like vericose veins.

Now it is a daily ritual, up the steps with coffee in hand and makeup in a small blue soft sided case, bedecked in white fleecy robe and blue flip flops. She stops in her study and stands, energized by some silent ray of creativity.

This is her space.


Last night we trim trees and take the errant brush to a burn pile. The small red leaved trees are like goddesses at each end of the house, their tiny arms held out to embrace us and the house.

We set stakes for our first garden together. In the west the sun sets, the pink reflecting on the west side of our pond. The romantics would like it. I like it.

Then we try out 2 spotlights on the house, in the dark, showcasing our castle, and hidden within, the green bath and my space.

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