Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Easier to criticize than create

Miss Dwh has a thought buzzing across her mind while driving to work on route 75 this morning. The thought seems important - aha!

But by the time she's in the office the thought has evaporated, like a dream that dissolves upon waking. But it seems important, so she tries to reconstruct it. She thinks about famous first sentences of novels, how it must be to be her mother, at age 76 in good health and having the wisdom to look over the experiences of others with the breadth of her own life, seeing the Farah Fawcet documentary on cancer and thinking that after going through it with a loved one why see this?

Finally she lands on the thought, and it is this: it's easier to criticize than create.

This is true for Miss Dwh, anyway. Easier to criticize than create. She is trying her hand at the more difficult choice.

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