Friday, May 15, 2009

What brings Ms DWH back to herself

Ms Daily Writing Habit is standing in Goodwill, looking at someone else's cast off books--in this case, Black Erotic Fiction , then Anna Quinlen's Black and Blue, Cormack McCarthy's The Road, others too numerous to mention--and then she feels a thaw. She is no longer numb.

This is the release from the numbness she gets, the chill and icing, from being busy! busy! busy!
No time to be quiet and reenergize, to let the cumulus clouds dissipate.

Now she is reconnected. This is what books and writing do for her. It takes a while for her to be herself.

Emily Dickinson said it: "Home is so far from Home." For Ms DWH, home can become so far from home.

Call this, perhaps, a cautionary tale!

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