Monday, May 18, 2009

That night Ms. DWH is admiring the sunset ("the romantics would like it. I like it") Mr. DWH walks up to Ms DWH in the driveway, and grasping her, asks if he's told her today that he's in love with her.

She tells him this still gives her goose bumps.

Goose bumps! He exclaims. He says he hoped to give her shivers, not bumps.


What Miss DWH is not writing about - like, the neighbors

Today Ms DWH is out with Mr DWH, carrying a ladder to front yard to swipe a wasp's next off one peak of the house. They carry the ladder like Laurel and Hardy. When Mr. DWH says "now come towards me" or "walk it up," she thinks she knows what to do but it's clear that's not correct at all. She has no education in ladder scientology.

We are fumbling and struggling with this overblown, outdated, squeaky ladder and to our north a 21 year old neighbor in black tank top and black shorts continued to shoot baskets.

Clunk clunk clunk the top part of the ladder falls down. Ouch. On Miss Dwh's forearm.

The tanky basketball player goes in the house.

We do not get the wasp's nest down, although it's drowned in spray. We weed the beach (really!), watch a baseball game, and deliver tents to a gardener to protect tomato plants from frost. We watch Bull Durham. What I believe, says Kevin Costner's character. A nice soliloquy. We should all have one in our hip pocket.

Julie and Julia

But this blog is about my project - and what progress Miss Dwh makes on her book. Yesterday she began unpacking her books in her room, and she feels like she's taking her place in a hallowed tradition of writers, making sense of the world through words, her currency, being creative, having visions, and knowing she can forge ahead.

Miss Dwh has her title, sense of direction, working on the epigraph and 1st sentence. More on this later. You might think she'd be working on her characters, but no! they will have to show up in the writing.

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