Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I will act now, I will act now

The thing about Julie's project is it has a beginning, middle and end. She is specifically mastering a path forged by someone else.

Miss DWH is trying to hold her feet to the fire. Her path is unknown.

She and her husband Hemingway won't be eating any better :-)

Her project is to create Jane Austen's lost letters, many of which her sister Cassandra tossed or cut apart (leaving remnants of publicly acceptable Jane Austen commentary) and have the protagonist find these letters and tell a friend about them. The friend is a writer and documents the journey.

Only the letters are sometimes present, mixed in with other miscellany, and who known how this works, except it strikes Miss DWH as hilarious. She hopes someone else will find it funny, too.

This is the same place in the so called book she was one year ago, when she went to Florida with her now husband, Hemingway.

So the blog project is not about a beginning, middle, and end, but about action.

Miss Daily Writing Habit is taking action.

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