Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Search for something meaningful to say

Last night Miss DWH writes on the yellow post-it pad by her bedside: the search for something meaningful to say.

This search is a bit like having the errant important thought that disappears like a dream (see previous post). What happened in the day, what thoughts were important enough to capture in words? Did Miss DWH have an original thought in her grey matter?

How can I know what I think until I see what I say? Miss DWH thinks EM Forster said this. It's one purpose of writing for Miss DWH - she has to write it out to see what's going in the subterranean depths of hers. Too bad it moves so slowly - hard to have a quick comeback when this is your thinking process!

This is not unlike Julie and Julia, where Julie has to cook to make sense of her life.


Yesterday Miss DWH stumbles on a site that says we should write from visions, such as Faulkner did when he saw a little girl sitting in a mud puddle and from this created The Sound and The Fury. But this writing from visions has never worked for her.

Once she told her younger son, then in 8th grade, that her imagination was not her strength.

Mom, he said, your strength is your truth.

Miss DWH writes from feeling, not from mental visions.


Do-gooder department: I want certain others to know I have faith in them like I want someone to have faith in me. I practiced this yesterday. Bravo!

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