Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lobster Assassin

For those of you who are following Miss Daily Writing Habit's review of Julie and Julia, Julie learns with some trepidation ways to kill a lobster. During one of her efforts, she puts the live lobster in a pot of boiling water, only to find the pot is too small.

She calls her husband to help and flees the scene.

This sounds like something I would do - too small of a pot for the project, I mean, and then fleeing the kitchen - and I also think this will make a hilarious scene for a movie.

Unfortunately, the book has now landed on the coffee table and I'm only 50/50 sure I'll take it up again.

Other thoughts:

Now that Miss Daily Writing Habit has made a commitment to write daily, when she does not accomplish this, she realizes she is not making writing a priority in her life. Slowly slowly the life in her ebbs away, rather like the frog left in the cool water brought to a boil doesn't know he's being clobbered. Back to the boiling pots again.

But today Miss DWH brought her portfolio with the first paragraph of Lost Letters, and she likes it. More on this later, as she holds her feet to the fire. Which probably has a boiling pot on top of it. Something is getting cooked!

Miss DWH's alter ego has developed a new habit in the morning: going to the front of the house to look at the morning mist in the distance, and pattering to the back of the house to look at our pond.

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