Friday, June 5, 2009

Too much HGTV

The first words Miss DWH's mother says when she sees the new house is: 'But it doesn't have any curb appeal!'


Miss DWH has been unpacking her books. She comes across White Oleander, a story about basically an orphan. How she feels connected to that theme! Starting with Black Beauty... will there be an orphan in her book? She comes across Vivian Gornick's The Situation and the Story: what could be more boring that a book about writing? (not)

And she thinks of the woman in khaki slacks and black tee who had excessively heavy eye liner, like she was climbing a mountain and wanted to keep the sun from her eyes. She was a woman who tries too hard.

On Golden Pond: Last night Miss DWH 'fishes' for algae. It's sunset, quite pleasant. The green stuff evaporates away from the net like a dream she's not sure she had.

Finally, a colleague tells her, I wonder if you ever have a bad day. I mean, I wonder that. Surely your desk doesn't look like this. Shomeow I look at you and think 'everything will be ok.' Miss DWH says: but it seems like I'm not human!

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